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Home-Based Franchises Show Strong Growth In 2016

By: http://www.franchisingcity.it/ 

There's no place like home - and for an increasing number of Americans, there's no business like home business. The rise of home-based franchise opportunities coincides with the shift to a service economy in the United States. As more households with two working adults struggle to make ends meet, a combination of factors has made working from home an increasingly attractive option.

Beyond the security of signing with a well-known brand name and a strong operating system, home-based franchises offer several advantages: 1) low overhead (no rent or real estate costs, as well as home-office tax deductions); 2) lower cost of entry (no need to outfit a building, with all the associated infrastructure and permitting costs); 3) no commute (no gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, or time wasted commuting - and no coffees and lunches to buy every day); 4) flexible hours; and 5) no difficult co-workers to face each morning.

According to Entrepreneur magazine's 2016 survey of home-based franchises, seven of the top ten concepts were cleaning-related: Jani-King, ServiceMaster Clean, Chem-Dry, Jan-Pro, CleanNet USA, ServPro Industries, and Coverall Cleaning Concepts. The other three were Snap-on tools and Matco Tools, and Jazzercise.

Salone del franchising

For working families, a home-based franchise allows one of the parents to care for young children, or to rotate responsibilities if both are involved in the business. For retired or laid-off former managers and executives, it provides a chance to run a service-based business from home.

Why are commercial cleaning and related businesses so popular? Volume, need, and competition each play a part. "There is $200 of commercial cleaning per capita in a city, and no one has any more than 2 percent," says Jacques Lapointe, founder and chair of Jan-Pro. Also, he says, there is a lot of churn, especially for non-franchised cleaning companies, creating opportunity for well-run franchise operations to step in. Jan-Pro sells only to master franchisees, who manage unit franchisees from home. "Most of our unit franchisees are family members working two to three hours a night collectively, and make an extra $20,000 to $30,000 a year as added income."

Other popular categories in the home-based franchising business category include the following:


  • Bookkeeping and Accounting - Padgett Business Services,

  • Computer Service and Repair - Geeks on Call, Rescuecom, Computer Troubleshooters, Expetec Computer Technology, Concerto Networks

  • Home Care Services - Home Helpers, Comfort Keepers, Visiting Angels, AmeriCare Alliance Homecare, Companion Connection

  • Kids' Education & Tutoring - Club Z Tutoring Services, Mad Science Group, Young Rembrandts, Computertots, CompuChild, KidzArt, Abrakadoodle, Tutorioum

  • Kids' Exercise/Fitness - Stretch-N-Grow, Kinderdance, StrollerFit, Gymboree

  • Home Cleaning - Molly Maid, The Maids Home Services, MaidPro, Maids to Order
  • Home Repair & Services - Mr. Handyman, House Doctors, Maintenance Made Simple, HomeFixology, Rooter-Man, American Leak Detection, The Crack Team

  • Home Improvement - Gotcha Covered, Budget Blinds, Interiors by Decorating Den, Kitchen Tune-Up, Furniture Medic, PremierGarage, Archadeck

  • Home Inspection - AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services, The HomeTeam Inspection Service, Pillar To Post, National Property Inspections, World Inspection Network, HouseMaster, The BrickKicker

  • Lawn Care & Landscaping - Lawn Doctor, ChemLawn, Scotts Lawn Service, U.S. Lawns, Weed Man

  • Pet Care - The Pet Butler, Top Dog Daycare, Fetch! Pet Care, Doggie Dreams Groomobile, Aussie Pet Mobile, Bark Busters, Pets Are Inn, In Home Pet Services

Choosing good company fordelivery

Delivering companies

There are much companies, which can make goods travel across different countries and even within some countries as they have representatives almost in all countries to make the parcel come to certain recipient. Considering business application of such companies, one can use such companies for delivering of useful products for own business or just for personal use.

Quality of services

Considering quality of such services, one should firstly consider the prices for delivery, ability to transport multiple parcels to one recipient and timeliness of delivery. It means that company should deliver requested parcels or packages within given timeframe, company should allow transporting multiple packages to one recipient, as business use can presuppose transporting of numerous packages with necessary goods from partners or suppliers.

Delivering of parcels

Speaking of the companies, which are specialized in delivering parcels, there are different types like national, international delivery companies, which deliver parcels across the world, meaning that they can deliver parcel from US to Europe within few days. Such companies are widespread and can effectively help with working with partners, which are located in different countries. Some little business, which just purchase Chinese products and sell them in own country can use such services, as they need quick delivering of their products to their stores.

Skynet Italy

One of such companies is Skynet Italy that is successful delivering company having enough partners and representatives to deliver parcels around the world within short time frames. Main features, which are important for delivering companies are those, which are associated with safety of parcels, as many companies cannot guarantee safe delivery due to many reasons like bad shipment and absence of standards considering delivering parcels. All these things decrease customer’s experience as well as late parcels, which are delivered long after due date. Meaning that one can require parcel within certain time to sell it or present to customers and failing to get new parcel can present many problems to consumer.

Variety of services

Considering shipment services one should decide what services are necessary, as there are services, which are aimed on delivering of numerous parcels for one consumer, such services are useful for entrepreneurs, which get goods from foreign partners in case of exotic products, which cannot be produced in certain location. For such reasons, one should use companies, which have in their armory some kinds of vehicles, which are suitable for such shipments. All companies have specialization and before ordering delivery services one should clearly understand what kind of services are needed. As otherwise one can face problems with significant increasing of price for delivery as companies, which are not specialized in some services can charge extra payment for things, they do rarely, or even for exclusive for them orders.

Specialization of Skynet

Skynet Italy is specialized in delivering of parcels to personal customers or even to companies, but in little packages, it is not specialized in freight deliveries, which are popular now, but are used by medium and big companies, which require high amount of products from various places or even countries. Skynet Italy has not certain specialization considering kind of cargo, as there are companies, which deliver only flowers or vehicles. It means that one can order any products to deliver.

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